About Duaik

We have organized all the information here so you can learn more about Duaik.

We are an independent game developer located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since our founding in 2014, we have put together a talented, professional, and dedicated team that makes the studio one of the top names in our national gaming industry.

Since our first title, Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather, we have been a success story in the market by aligning our pioneering spirit with a strong media presence. Today we have other titles covering the console, mobile, PC, and Virtual Reality markets.

On this journey, we had the opportunity to join Microsoft’s Id@Xbox program. The program granted us the title of Inaugural Brazilian Developer on Xbox One in 2015 from the hands of Head Xbox Phill Spencer. In addition to this milestone, the studio has received other national and international nominations that make us proud and direct our pursuit for quality.

Duaik history and awards

Based on these nominations, we began to deliver external production services for Consoles, PC, and Mobile in 2019. With the focus on the global market, we bring the quality and care that our studio is already well known.

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We work daily to improve our techniques and methodologies through experience, training, and study. We strive for excellence in what we do, from the individual to the company as a whole.


Care is a commitment to quality in all aspects of our work. Regardless of the quality level required, care will balance scope, time, and cost. This “minimum quality” guides decisions and can be seen in all areas of our services and products.

Gamer Heart

We are passionated Gamers and in constant contact with the Geek culture. That’s why we make room for each one’s passion, be it technology, comics, movies, books, among many others, to shape an environment full of new ideas.


We pay attention to the message that our work communicates. We’re open to listen, translate, and create products that add value to the market.