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Aritana at DEVCOM 2020!

Hi, everyone!

Today we are VERY happy to announce that we have been APPROVED for DEV WITH 2020 INDIE EXPO with our Aritana and the Twin Masks!

DEVCOM is the official conference for game developers from GAMESCOM, the largest event for computers and video games in the world! It happens in Germany, but due to the pandemic, this year it will take place entirely online and YOU can follow it too!

The port of Aritana 2 for the PC, in addition to the diversity values ​​present in our company’s DNA, allowed us to join this list with other great INDIE games that are in development or ready to be launched. Here you can see them all:


This event will take place between the 17th and 30th of August, with TWO WEEKS filled with sessions and presentations online!

To see what we are going to present, just stay tuned on our Twitch and Facebook channel for our LIVES in ENGLISH (the event is international, so we will not speak in Portuguese).



If you don’t want to miss it, SUBSCRIBE NOW for DoKa, because we will send you an email, before everyone else, always remembering the day and time that LIVE will happen.

Stay tuned for more news about the event here!

See ya!