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Welcome to our DoKa!

You may come in! There’s room for everyone! 😀
It is with great joy that we opened our DoKa!

Our DoKa is AWESOME! It has a lot of exclusive material and giveaways to bring you closest to us!

And the best… ALL FOR FREE! 🎁

Seriously, having you here means a lot to us. We are video game players too. Just like you! So knowing who plays our games and being able to talk about them is pretty cool!

Get it? 😨 Let us explain how you can be part of our DoKa!
It’s very simple. Just SIGN UP for the form at the end of this post. 🔽

👌 Once there, you will receive a newsletter of everything that happened in our media, with exclusive content that we don’t show anywhere else. You’ll be able to direct your next content with your opinion, and have space to talk directly with the developers, also a chance to participate in exclusive promotions for subscribers!

Liked it?😍 So…

Join our DoKa
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2 thoughts on “Welcome to our DoKa!”

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