Happy Saci Day! Not Halloween?

Hi everyone!

Who’s celebrating Saci Day? What? How come?

Since 2003, in Brazil, October 31st became SACI DAY through a bill that aimed to rescue figures from Brazilian folklore, as opposed to “Halloween”. 🎃

If you played Aritana and The Harpy’s Feather or Aritana and The Twin Masks, you know we really like to be inspired by Brazilian folklore!

Who was able to beat Mapinguari without taking damage in the first game?🏆

Mapi (as we like to call him 😉) has had many changes in the game compared to its origin from the folklore. We will talk about him later on here!! Stay tuned on the blog!

Now, for those who are familiar with the Aritana 2 MYSTERIOUS MASKED MAN, you couldn’t tell that he has a lot of Curupira figure!

Curupira is a creature of the woods whose main feature has its feet facing backwards. This helps to deceive hunters because his footprints are in reverse, confusing anyone who tries to follow.

Our Curupira doesn’t take that name (YOU ALREADY KNOW HIS NAME, RIGHT? YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE GAME, NO? 😱) and doesn’t have his feet like that! But if you look closely, you will see that he wears props that convey exactly that idea.

What’s do you think? Did you know about these curiosities? We didn’t talk about a specific one that is in the second game of the series. Di you know who that is? 🤔

Put it in the comments bellow!

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