NORATO SNAKE! The Legend Behind the Monster

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Continuing the topic from last week, if you guessed NORATO SNAKE when we asked who knew which creature we had set aside, you got it! 😁

Like we said before, in our games, we like to use creatures and elements of Brazilian folklore to help create our own universe. There are so many characters and legends that allow many interpretations.

With Norato it was no different!

Norato’s idea as an entity in the game Aritana and the Twin Masks came when Pérsis Duaik created a huge, floating creature that would allow our Aritana to see him from afar and climb into its body.

The creature was the missing element from the brazillian legends to enrich our story. Once we saw its shape, we used the concept of the Big Snake or Norato Snake to baptize our guardian sentries of the YpY Temple.

The story, originally an Amazonian legend, tells about Snake (Cobra in portuguese) Norato and Maria Caninana. There are some variations, but in general they are water creatures. In our game, we use only the name NORATO and place them as sentries of the heavens. Most important to us has always been to maintain the mythical aspect of the creature.

Once the mythology of the game around the YpY Tree and its energies was created, we defined that the Norato Snake would be the kind of guardians who controlled the entry of outsiders into the YpY Temple.

They are four in total, each surrounding its nest, located in the Ancient Forest, Iara’s Lake, Caaporã’s Watch and Tupã’s Garden. They all visually represent the location they guard.

It’s very cool to play and be able to see Noratos in the distance, setting your goal in the game!

Tell us, did you know the legend? What did you think of our version in the game?

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