After five years of experience in the gaming industry, Duaik opens its doors to provide production services to other projects and companies.

Putting the experience gained through these years with our products, we look for projects that need outsourcing to offer a specialized service that we call Duaik Studios.


Let's play together?


We seek the creativity to transform the customer's vision into conceptual arts, covering various styles and meeting the different demands of the market.

Character Concept - Vehicle Concept - Scenery Concept - Art Direction


We provide technical knowledge for developing 2D assets and illustrations that meet the specifications of all engines in the market.

Character Illustrations - Vehicle Illustrations - Scenery Illustrations - UI & UX - 2D Assets


Our 3D team creates assets for Console, PC, and Mobile games, with technical and visual quality, always with attention to detail.

Characters - Props - Vehicles - Scenarios


We created skeleton controllers to receive various types of animations, as well as creating animations specific to the demands of the project.

Rig / Skyn - BlendShapes - Animations


We create narrative structures for the main story, as well as dialogues for side missions. We make scripts for game comics and text localization for Portuguese and English.

Screenplay - Narrative - Sidequest - Comics - Storyboards - Localization pt-BR / en-US


We understand that the sound part is essential to the game experience. For this reason, our award-winning team is at your disposal to create SFX and complete Soundtracks.

Sound Effects - Ambience - Loops - Soundtrack


Planning, management, and delivery. We meet the most different demands of the market, with competence and committed delivery to our customers.

Complete Projects - Production Management - Resource Management and Mobilization

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