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“At the sunrise, it will be too late…”

You will be able to learn new attacks and abilities and create combos that will help you fighting the spirits. As if wasn’t enough, the beast Mapinguari will be chasing you and will be responsible for battles that requires focus and mastery of all skills learned. Aritana was the most relevant brazilian title in 2015, winning three “Best Game” awards, one “Best Sound” award and other three nominations.

High quality graphics and a solid gameplay made Aritana turnout in a brazilian success. The story is based in the national culture, which gives the market something new and fun. Join us in this new experience and face the forest’s challenges!

  • Experience a story of action and adventure based on Brazilian mythology and folklore
  • Overcome the obstacles of Harpy’s Mountain in a platform game 2.5D
  • Attack in different ways, in the ground or in the air, to create special combos
  • Explore all scenery details to find hidden artifacts
  • Use the artifacts to enter secret sceneries and increase your attributes
Aritana and the Harpy's Feather

Run against time in a platform adventure based in changing postures. This ones defines attributes like speed, jump, attack and special abilities. Choose one of them to get over obstacles and fight spirits from the forest in a fast, intuitive and fun game.

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