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Not only quality, but also transparency. Duaik want its content to be open so players and the press can know more about our work. No matter who or where, we will try to give you all the attention we can so that our hard work is known and appreciated. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about or ask for more press content. Use the links below to see all the information prepared for our products’ disclosure.

Duaik Games

We are an independent game developer located in Brazil. Since our foundation, we joined a talented team that makes the studio one of the leading names in the national industry. After five years of experience, our doors are open to provide our production services to other projects and companies.

Foundation: 06/10/2014

Aritana and the Harpy's Feather

Run against time in a platform adventure based in changing postures. This ones defines attributes like speed, jump, attack and special abilities. Choose one of them to get over obstacles and fight spirits from the forest in a fast, intuitive and fun game.

Genre: Plataform 2D
Platforms: Steam / Xbox One
Release: 15/08/2015
Publisher: Duaik
Language: en-US; pt-BR;
Store Pages: Steam / Xbox One

Presskit: Download

Aritana and the Twin Masks

Prove your value and unmask all the mysteries on YpY’s Temple. With a new bow and arrow, follow Aritana on this journey to save the tree of life, discovering also some ghosts from his own past.

Genre: Plataform 3D
Platforms: Xbox One
Release: 16/08/2019
Rating: IARC 7+/10+/ESRB 10E/ PEGI 7+/USK 12+
Publisher: Duaik
Language: en-US; pt-BR; es-ES
Store Pages: Xbox One

Presskit: Download

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